Stud Boy Traction

Stud Boy Super-Lite Pro Snowmobile Stud Backer Installation Help

Snowmobilers have learned over the years that in order to improve safety and handling not to mention hooking all that power to the ground requires traction products.

Since the popularity of “push-through” style studs in the early 90’s little has changed in the studding world other than longer studs to keep up with deeper lug track changes. Stud Boy has now designed, tested and marketed the new Superlite Pro Series Backer Plate line.

This new design has been called a “game changer” and “revolutionary” in the traction products world by many industry media sources. If the overwhelming success of the Pro Series Backers on the race track is any indication these new backers are - the real deal! Winning Season Championships in 4 out of 5 classes at the ISOC National Snocross Series, the Pro Open, Pro Stock and Pro Lite in East Coast Snocross and Pro Open, Pro Stock and Pro Lite in the ISOC Michigan Series along with numerous other wins for the past two Seasons. This is quite a record for a brand new product of any type!

The intent of this new backer plate is to simplify and enhance the studding process as we know it today.

Place backers in hot water with dish soap
Use a sharp edged 3/16” hex bit and keep it sharp - make sure it fits the hex!
Use a air ratchet, cordless drill, or impact wrench (1/2” slow with variable trigger) lots of torque at slow speed
Use our Pro Series tool to the hold backer
Keep 3/16” hex bit aligned properly with stud
Don’t use a high speed impact wrench that hammers the hex
Once the stud is started try to not stop it until seated completely
If the stud starts to strip – stop and place another drill on the tip of the stud (like a drill bit) and use both tools to seat the stud
When using double backers – start one stud 4-5 threads then start and seat the second stud then seat the first stud

Now ride and enjoy the latest in traction technology!