Stud Boy Traction

Stud Boy "Lake Racer" Snowmobile Stud
(Not recommended for general trail use)

The “Lake Racer” Power Point stud is designed for the hard-core lake racer. Built off our Power Point shape, this studs unique thin profile, light-weight and durable design has a tapered tip for better penetration. 1” diameter head size for support, and “Track Trapping” design with shoulder to prevent over tightening.
1.375" packaged with .500 Power Tower Support Nut

Order # Length Qty List Buy
2440-P1 1.187" 24PK $57.99
2440-P3 1.187" 96PK $227.99
2441-P1 1.280" 24PK $57.99
2441-P3 1.280" 96PK $227.99
2442-P1 1.375" 24PK $57.99
2442-P3 1.375" 96PK $227.99
2443-P1 1.500" 24PK $57.99
2443-P3 1.500" 96PK $227.99
2467-P1 1.625 24PK $57.99
2467-P3 1.625 96PK $227.99