Stud Boy Traction

Stud Boy Power Plate Plus Snowmobile Stud Backer

Stud Boy "Single Power Plate" & " Double Power Plate" Snowmobile Stud Backer
Snowmobile Industries Best Backer Series

This new “Power Plate Plus Backer” is designed for new Ski-Doo XP sleds, as well as the new Camoplast Single Ply Tracks.

Our lightweight and durable shape features our innovative design for stud support.

The “Power Plate Plus Backer” is to reduce wear and tear on tracks, and receives the best benefits of both square and round backers. (Available in one design)

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2439-P1 24PK $19.99
2439-P3 96PK $69.99
2439-P6 144PK $107.99
2439-P8 84PK $59.99
2439-P5 1000PK $689.99  
2439-P7 500PK $339.99  
Power Plate Plus Double      
2499-P1 24PK $39.99  
2499-P2 48PK $79.99