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Stud Boy – Snowmobile Track Stud Templates

These templates take the mystery out of studding a snowmobile. Let us provide you with proven stud patterns that have been designed on our CAD computer software. This one product that is long overdue and will reduce the time and confusion surrounding stud pattern layout.

2118-Wide  Window Track Style $21.99
2118-Narrow Window Track Style $21.99
2241-00 Trail Sled Pattern $21.99
2354-00 Firecat 1″ Track $21.99
2355-00 Firecat 1.375″ Track $21.99
2562-00 Studding template 2.86 pitch for single ply track or plus backers $21.99
2563-00 Studding template 2.86 pitch for 2 ply tracks $21.99

Additional information

Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 19 × 1 in

Wide Window Track Style, Narrow Window Track Style, Trail Sled Pattern, FireCat 1"Track, FireCat 1.375" Track, 2.86 pitch for single ply, 2.86 pitch for 2 ply