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Stud Boy Deuce Bar

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Stud Boy Deuce Bar Snowmobile Wearbar
U.S. Patent # 6,631,912,82

Patent Pending Canada – The “Deuce” Bar is the best performing dual runner available! Utilizing the design benefit of the original “Shaper”™ Bars’ concave sides, this dual runner provides better turning than other dual runners.

The “Deuce” Bar offers the advantage of “no darting” while cruising down your favorite trail for it creates it own groove, and eliminates dual runner type drag.
This one piece design is very durable and has proven its long life won’t clog with snow, ice, or rocks, or snag obstacles like other dual runners.

The “Deuce” Bar is available in 4.5”, 6”, and 9” of 60º cutting carbide to fit popular current snowmobiles. (Packaged Individually)

To order correct length of carbide, add the following suffix as shown to end of part number
4.5″ = 45 6.0” = -60 7.5″ = 75 9.0″ = -90

4.5” – MSRP $64.99 / Ski Doo Pilot $64.99
6.0” – MSRP $74.99 / Ski Doo Pilot $74.99
7.5” – MSRP $ 84.99 / Ski Doo Pilot $84.99
9.0” – MSRP $94.99 / Ski Doo Pilot N/A

*Please note that on some models we are limited by the ski/wearbar for the cutting carbide length.

The STUD BOY Traction DEUCE Bar is now offered for the Timbersled ARO Ski – watch the video to learn the features and benefits for this application.

By upgrading your center skag you’ll experience improved steering and response time on your Timbersled, regardless of what type of riding and snow conditions you face. This center skag was engineered to optimize steering control, allowing drivers to ride longer by reducing fatigue. The less fatigue you experience, the more time you can spend exploring on your Timbersled.

Get the best of both worlds with increased performance and long-lasting durability. This patented design adds carbides to the center skag for longer durability and truer tracking to reduce darting. No matter what type of conditions you ride in, this new ARO center skag can last longer and provide a lighter ski feel with more hard pack bite.

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Deuce Bar Model

CAP-D2198, CAT-D2093, CAT-D2264, DOO-D2152, DOO-D2410, DOO-D2564, POL-D1225, POL-D2370, POL-D2523, USI-D2214, YAM-D2226

Carbide Length

4.5”, 6.0”, 7.5”, 9.0”