Warnert Racing Back in the Saddle @ Days of 76 Rodeo Deadwood

It is time for the team to load up the iron horse and head to Deadwood, SD for a weekend at the rodeo! Despite the small track and the close quarters racing, Deadwood is a favorite amongst teams and riders. Greeted with warm weather and plenty of snow on the track, this weekend was shaping up to be another fun weekend in the old west.

Friday: Jordan Lebel was hoping to pick up where he left off at Canterbury and keep the train running. Unfortunately this would not be the night for that. After a blown belt in round 1 of the Pro Triple Crown he would have his work cut out for him. Following up in rounds two and three with P6 and P4 respectively, the pro rookie would have to settle for 9th overall for the evening. Topi Posti would have his own set of challenges for the evening. After stout qualifying heats, he lined up for the Pro Lite Final feeling optimistic. On one of the opening laps Topi cased a landing which stunned the #43. The setback would hinder his pace and he would ultimately end the night P11. As the weekend goes on, we would learn how tough the young Finn truly is. Naeli Lebel had outstanding qualifying rounds, along with her start in the Pro Women’s Final. She she ripped a holeshot and was leading the stampede into the first corner. Her luck would end there when she hit the dirt and had to rejoin from the back of the pack. Lebel would end her Friday night in 9th. Dylan Lebel came into the weekend with the red plates for the Sport class. However, he would be at a disadvantage all weekend. The tight technical track does not cater to the small frame of D-man, preferring a fast and high flying type of race. Pure physicality would be the enemy for 14 year old Dylan Lebel this weekend. Not to his standards, he was able to notch a 7th place finish in his Sport Final.

Saturday: After a tough day of racing, the only thing the team could do was dust ourselves off and try again. This time success would be found inside the bullring! Jordan Lebel was able to get through the first two Triple Crown rounds with a total of 7 points, being tied for 1st in the overall. The young gun grabbed a great start and settled into P2 for the remainder of the race to take the overall win! Jordan Lebel is now the latest Pro rider to add his name to the history books! This would be Jordan’s first career Pro win, and one I’m sure he won’t forget! While the win for Jordan was thrilling, the danger of our sport reared its head on the opening lap of the third round. Two of our former riders, Elias Ishoel and Francis Pelletier were involved in one of the scariest racing incidents in recent memory. The race was immediately red flagged, and would have a full restart. Francis, although roughed up is okay, however the status of Ishoel is still unknown. We wish him the best and hope he makes a full recovery. Topi Posti had another tough day in the trenches. In his first qualifier he was bucked from his iron pony, HARD, resulting in a DNF. Although he was released from FXR medical, he definitely got his bell rung as a result of the crash. He would take only the start in round 2, and then transfer to the Pro Lite Final via LCQ. He would end the night in 15th. A gritty effort from Posti given the beating he took over the weekend. Naeli Lebel was able to add to the team’s success for Saturday night. In the Pro Women’s Final, Lebel had a great jump off the line in second place where she would run the entire race. Naelie ended her evening with a silver medal and a spot on the box! This is her personal best result in her Pro Women’s career, and surely a confidence boost as one of the youngest riders in the class. The Weapon was able to improve his result from the night before. Dylan Lebel muscled his pony up to P5 to end his weekend in the Wild West.

A weekend at the rodeo will never be easy. After getting beat down, roughed up, and everything in between, the team was able to rise to the occasion Saturday night and create some positive momentum heading into the Valcourt Grand Prix! Thank you to all our sponsors supporting this effort to get on top of the box!

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