It’s been a good ride for the Stud Boy Race Team and the Pattyn family for many race seasons. We have had good times and tough times but in the end we have made memories and friends that will last a lifetime.

We have decided at this time to retire the Stud Boy Race Team. It has been a really tough decision for us as we love this sport. Currently we are facing the many additional challenges of 2020 helping us with this decision. The uncertainty of State restrictions on business and the impact on the racing schedule causing outside support for the team to be reduced.

On a good note we have been seeing growth within Stud Boy that requires our attention and after a six week shutdown we are still working to catch-up in the shop. If the race season dates are further condensed it will be difficult to leave the shop to go racing. Going racing gets in your system and becomes a large part of your life. We have been fortunate to race with family and friends so the long days and nights of travel and preparation go by pretty fast and doesn’t seem like the work it really is. Snowmobile racing also doesn’t end in the spring when the snow goes away. It takes year round
work to make it happen that most people on the sidelines just don’t understand.

When you decide to stop racing you realize just how big of a hole it can leave in your heart and it will certainly open up your schedule.
Stud Boy will remain active in the sport and you will see us at events rooting for our racers and visiting in the pits. We want to wish all of the racers and teams the best for the coming season.

Lastly we can’t begin to explain how much we have appreciated the support of the people and companies that have made it possible for us to race. Most of our sponsors have been with us throughout our entire racing effort. Thank you to all for your help, support and loyalty to our race team we truly could not have gone racing without you!