This was the first weekend we had both snowbike racers from Bailey Motorsports racing an ISOC event. Yanick Boucher has been racing the American tracks all season showcasing his talent on the Yeti Snowmx equipped Husky FC450. For Ryan Hunt this was a chance to race fast competitors on a different style and more technical track. Ryan’s skills have been evolving since adding the snowbike program to his prominent snowmobile racing effort last season. This was a great test and I believe he had fun and learned a lot from the weekend.

Friday Yanick had the fastest qualifying time and we were excited for the evening. The track was groomed and tilled in the break and appeared to look great for Moto 1. The temperature dropped and a cool breeze came through. This caused a unique track condition that froze the top inch or so of snow, creating a hard crust that was difficult to break through even with a hard stomp of your heel. The track crew tried to fix this issue but only had time to break up the start line. This was great to get traction for the start but the rest of the track still had a hard layer of icy snow. The racers took off sending it into the finish line jump. Another rider got sideways and launched off the preceding double into the side of Yanick ripping off his radiator and dropping all the coolant from the bike. The rest of the race was followed by other riders crashing including Ryan Hunt. Although Yanick was unable to continue due to the bike damage Ryan got back up from his crash and rode to a 5th place finish.

We repaired Yanick’s bike between moto’s and both racers were ready for Moto 2. This race start went better and Yanick rode to a 2nd place finish and Ryan to a 10th.

Saturday we got off to another good start. Yanick had the fastest time in practice again. During qualifying Yanick sprained his ankle in the super technical rhythm section that shaped up from sleds beating it up all morning. This left Yanick in a 3rd qualifying position and Ryan in 10th placing them both in the front row.

In the trailer after qualifying Yanick looked to be in a great deal of pain. He went over to medical trailer to get it looked at. They wrapped up his ankle and he said he was ready to tough out the pain for the night.

We discussed taking it easy in the first moto to collect some points and not damage the ankle any more. Yanick got a good start and felt out the race. He made a couple smart passes and settled in P2 were he finished off the race. Ryan had a good run through and tough track and finished 9th.

Moto 2 we planned on the same thing. Yanick got a great start and didn’t look back to grab the win and 1st overall for the night. Ryan had another fall but got up and raced to the finish.

This weekend had some challenges but I believe both riders were able to learn a new thing or two. Whether it was learning to ride a different style track or learning to get through a day not being able to ride 100% due to Injury and still be successful.

Racing is an exciting thing in life. You could be the fastest rider, have the best equipment but you still need Lady Luck on your side. Maybe the lunch we had after qualifying in the Salamanca Allegany Casino Saturday had something to do with our evening result!

Derek Uttley Flybyu Motorsports

On his incredible weekend south of the border Yanick had this to say, “Back south of the border this last weekend in Salamanca New York for round 11 and 12 of ISOC Snocross series. The track was a pretty short lap times but very challenging with really steep rhythm sections. Day one started great after posting fastest lap time in qualifying however, moto 1 started off pretty rough after a crash with another rider right off the start ripped my rad off the bike and lost all my coolant.
I was forced to head back to the trailer, Derek from Flybyu Motorsports made quick work to get my bike all fixed up for moto 2. We we’re then able to ride up to a 2nd place finish in the second moto. Saturday went a lot better for us! Didn’t qualify the greatest but was able to turn it up in the motos to ride to a 2-1 finish for 1st overall! Super pumped to finally get that win! I gotta give it up to all the great people behind for all their support.”

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Thanks to all our partners!

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