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Jay Lura Career Best Fifth In Michigan

Finley, ND (February 4, 2019) – The first year in the ultra-competitive Pro Lite class has not been a freshly groomed trail for Jay Lura. After much success as a Sport rider, the challenge of going head-to-head with some of the most experienced snocross racers in the world, combined with a lingering injury suffered at round three in Jackson Hole, Wyoming put Lura in the unfamiliar role of underdog, thoroughly testing his confidence and resolve.

On Saturday night, Lura’s determination was rewarded when he qualified for his first main event appearance of the season which he solidified with a fifth place finish. Further more, Jay’s impressive run featured a charge from deep in the field where he passed five riders in the middle stages of the race. “This track is really fun and flows really well.” said Lura prior to the night show. This is the first time since Jackson that I have felt like myself and I can’t wait to keep going now.”

Evan Christian has battled many of the same challenges this season after stepping up to the Sport class. Christian continued to build confidence with another heat race win on Friday. He also qualified for the final on Friday and is working towards a top 5 finish of his own before the season is over.

The national tour will take a two week break before resuming on February 22-23 in Salamanca, New York.