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Welcome to “STUD BOY”® traction products! Your one-stop guide for all your snowmobile stud & wearbar needs!

Manufacturers of snowmobile carbide studs, backer plates, carbide wear bars, and accessories. “STUD BOY”® products provide the safety and performance that gets the power to the ground while maintaining confidence in snowmobile control. Traction control products puts ease in knowing your snowmobile will respond the way you need it to, and “STUD BOY”® stud & wearbar products will provide this confidence!

It is our passion to provide the safest, most dependable traction products in the industry. Here at “STUD BOY”®, we are trail riders and we are racers. We hear the demands, we react and we test. It is not only a hobby, it is an obsession!
Let us help you reach the comfort of safety and performance you deserve!

Get “traction with an attitude” with “STUD BOY”® traction products, and feel the difference in your snowmobile.

Established 1989


Tucker Hibbert Snowking Mountain Jackson Hole WY 2017

Tucker Hibbert Dominates Snow King Mountain

Snowmobile and motorsports enthusiasts alike came out in large numbers to enjoy the beautiful weather and to see the greatest ...
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Tucker Hibbert - Teton Return

Tucker Hibbert returns to the Teton Valley

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Tucker Hibbert’s first race recap video of the 2017-2018 season.

Tucker Hibbert’s first race recap video of the 2017-2018 season.

Tucker Hibbert kicks off the 2017-2018 snocross season with not one but two big wins. Go trackside at the ISOC ...
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